Oryon Watermill part of unique development


The Netherlands are at the very beginning of an unique development in the field of generating sustainable energy from hydropower. For the first time, energy will be generated commercially from tidal power in the Netherlands. Tidal power in the Netherlands has a minimum of height differences, which makes the way of generating energy unique. It’s time that existing opportunities of generating sustainable energy from hydropower will be used by the Netherlands, because there’s a lot of water in the Netherlands. This development means good news for the Oryon Watermill. The Oryon Watermill is a hydropower plant which generates sustainable energy out of every form of running water. Because of the high efficiency, the Oryon Watermill can generate energy at prices that are even lower than other forms of sustainable energy. Besides tidal power, the Oryon Watermill can be placed in rivers, water channels and places where companies use residual water. The Oryon Watermill delivers affordable green energy to consumers and companies. Always energy everywhere!


Tital power