2012 Deltares - Delft 

In 2010 Jaap Ory started developing the Oryon Watermill. In 2011 the first tests were conducted with a prototype at Deltares in Delft, a hydraulic technological institute where global studies and experiments are conducted. 
The tests were successful and led to the second prototype which was tested in 2012. With a simulated river flow, the operation and efficiency were tested. Measurements of flow lines around the structure (Fluid Dynamics) confirmed that the design was correct and that lots of energy was taken from the water.

Eerste test Oryon Watermill  Eerste test Oryon Watermill


2013 Rijn - Tolkamer

In 2013 Oryon Watermill was tested in a real free river flow, namely the Rhine river at Tolkamer. Where in Delft it was still a prototype test in a laboratory environment, Deepwater-Energy could now use a real-life test location. 
In association with Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) it was allowed at Tolkamer to install a test rig in the flow of the Rhine river. This time it was a floating version of the Oryon Water Mill, which immediately showed the size of a plant. Both technique and also the fish-friendliness were tested extensively at this location. 
 Test Oryon Watermill Tolkamer 
Test Oryon Watermill Tolkamer

 2014 Stuw - Ulft

In 2014 Deepwater-Energy placed an Oryon Watermill in the forced water of the wier at  Ulft to perform technical measurements in this particular application. Also at this location the fish-friendliness and the actual power generation were tested. 
This installation also served as the location where interested parties could observe the Oryon Watermill. Delegations from the Philippines and Suriname visited the location at Ulft to observe the working of the Oryon Watermill 
Oryon Watermill wordt getest achter een stuw in Ulft Test Oryon Watermill Ulft